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Blue Angels Flight Up The Hudson

Navy Blue Angels to Perform Spectacular Flight Over Hudson River, Statue of Liberty, and World Trade Center en route to New York Air Show

The United States Navy Blue Angels, the renowned flight demonstration squadron, will be showcasing their awe-inspiring skills with a breathtaking flight over the iconic Hudson River, Statue of Liberty, and World Trade Center en route to the highly anticipated New York Air Show, the 5th destination on the AirDotShow Tour. The thrilling flyover will take place on Wednesday, June 21st.  and promises to be a memorable experience for spectators in the New York City area.

The Blue Angels, known for their precision maneuvers and dynamic performances, will treat onlookers to an unforgettable display of aviation excellence. As they soar across the skies, the six F/A-18 Hornet fighter jets will create intricate formations and execute impressive aerial acrobatics that will leave spectators in awe. A seventh F/A-18 will accompany the formation.

The flight will commence at approximately 5:40 pm. Their flight path will bring them past the majestic Statue of Liberty, an enduring symbol of freedom, and the World Trade Center, paying tribute to the resilience and spirit of New York City.

The flight over these iconic landmarks serves as a testament to the Blue Angels’ commitment to honoring the rich history and significance of the locations they visit. Their presence in the skies above New York City will undoubtedly captivate both locals and visitors alike, providing an extraordinary experience for all.

The Blue Angels’ journey will culminate at the New York Air Show, where aviation enthusiasts and fans can witness their unparalleled aerial demonstrations up close. The New York Air Show, known for its thrilling lineup of aerial performances, will take place on June 24-25, 2023. This event provides a unique opportunity to witness the mastery and precision of the Blue Angels as they showcase the capabilities of naval aviation.

Join us as we celebrate the Blue Angels’ visit to New York City, capturing the hearts and imaginations of audiences with their exceptional aerial maneuvers and honoring the iconic landmarks that define the city’s spirit.

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