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The world of Air dot Show is vast and the portal to experience the inspiration of flight.  We’ll virtually take you in the cockpit, behind the scenes and around the nation and the world.  Once you’ve experienced it here, we know you’ll want to come see it for real at one of the destinations on our #AirDotShowLive tour!

#AirDotShowLive 2021 Destinations

Giving Back

@AirDotShow partners with the National Air, Sea and Space Foundation to give back through hosting STEM Education Programs to inspire the next generation to pursue careers in aerospace.  We also support the NASSF’s Cajun Scholarship founded to honor fallen Thunderbird pilot Stephen “Cajun” Del Bagno



Virtual @AirDotShow in Photos

Since the take off of this year’s #AirDotShowLive tour has been delayed by COVID-19, we’ve decided to host the “Virtual AirDotShow in Photos!”  We’ve got some of the most talented amateur and professional aviation photographers in the nation that follow the destinations on our tour and we’re asking for their help to put on a whole new kind of show.

Our goal was to capture every aspect of an air show virtually.  That meant the energy and patriotism of the aircraft, the emotion of the crowd and the inspiration felt by everyone at an air show.  Whether it was a single person, the entire crowd, a plane in the air, or on the ground we encouraged people to post it.  Over 100 entries were received in all.


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